Who We Are

The Rthm is an independent music show that cultivates ideas about songwriting and the music industry and explores small-town heroes from music communities around North America.

Harley Hicks - Harley had a (very) brief stint in the Christian Contemporary Music industry. He's now married with 4 kids and still tries to write music in his basement.

Clint Sprunger - Clint had an even briefer stint with the same band. He's also married, and has a big floofy dog. He runs a recording studio out of his home and likes to listen to vinyl in his downtime.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote an appreciation for all types of music, and to promote getting involved in your local music scene.

We will maintain a show that is 100% ad-free. We won't always be the first to feature music news or a new album, but we believe that we will create a show our listeners will want to listen to.

We will never accept money or gifts from an artist or their management to feature them or their music. We will write shows based on our opinions and though they may sometimes be naturally biased, they will never be biased by money.

That being said, we would love to listen to your music! We can't guarantee that it will get played, but if you send it to us and we enjoy it, you might just get featured.