Episode 3: Genre: Emo

We get personal while talking about one of our favorite styles of music. Whining not included.

Released on February 13, 2017

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Show Notes


  • Underoath's They're Only Chasing Safety went Gold (not Platinum) in 2011, selling over 500,000 copies. (Wikipedia)
  • We forgot to mention the name of the band for the last track we featured! It's by Moving Mountains and it's from their self-titled record.


  • Ivoryline - There Came A Lion (Spotify)
  • Secret & Whisper - Great White Whale (Spotify)
  • Phox - Self-Titled (Spotify)
  • Copeland - Eat, Sleep, Repeat (Spotify)
  • Remo Drive - Yer Killin' Me (YouTube)
  • Vampire Weekend - Self-Title (Spotify)
  • Taking Back Sunday - Louder Now (Spotify)
  • The Almost - Southern Weather (Spotify)
  • Angels & Airwaves - I-Empire (Spotify)
  • Foxing - Dealer (Spotify)
  • Brand New - Your Favorite Weapon (Spotify)
  • Moving Mountains - Telegraph Sessions (YouTube)
  • A great Spotify playlist with lots of music in this genre: Emo Forever (Maintained by Spotify)