Episode 6: Does It Hold Up?

We dive into some of the music we listened to a decade ago and ask ourselves if the music is still relevant.

Released on March 6, 2017

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Show Notes

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  • Wallflower's song Mas Eu Quero Mas is Portuguese, not Spanish. It translates to "But I Want More".
  • Foxy Shazam is actually from Cincinnati. Still Ohio, right?
  • Also, Foxy Shazam is not back together, and there are no plans of new music. Sad face.
  • The Working Title's song Beloved was in the movie American Wedding (Wikipedia). Unfortunately, their single The Mary Getaway was not featured in any movie.


  • Amber Run - For a Moment, I Was Lost (Spotify)
  • Maggie Rogers - Now That The Light Is Fading (Spotify)
  • Far Shores - Electric Heart (Spotify)
  • Foxy Shazam - No! Don't Shoot (YouTube)
  • Foxy Shazam - The Church of Rock and Roll (Spotify)
  • The Working Title - About-Face (Bandcamp)
  • '68 - In Humor And Sadness (Spotify)